Wild Life

Lake Livingston is the home of abundant wild life. White tail deer roam the shores. Foxes can be found in the forests around the lake. If your out at night you may come across a possum, or racoon. If you like lizards, and have a hard time spotting them during the day, at night time they tend to climb on buildings. Squirrels are abundant and can be spotted everywhere.

Birds can be spotted everywhere. Some of the most common birds that you can see are cardinal’s, blue jays, humming birds, road runners, turkey vultures, eagles, little blue heron, snowy egrets, seagulls, and ducks. Many of the homes around the lake have humming bird feeders. The humming birds usually start visiting in early May, and leave the lake area around the end of Sept. Bring your binoculars, and enjoy your bird watching adventure at Lake Livingston.

Lake Livingston DeerEvery area around Lake Livingston has some sort of wild life. You can find wild life even in the residential areas. In some areas, deer roam the yards of the homes. Take some time on your next visit to Lake Livingston, look closely into the woods, you may be surprised at the wild life that you can spot. During the day, deer often lie in the woods and are not easy to spot. The best time to spot deer is early morning or at dusk.

Lake Livingston AlligatorOn rare occasions in some of the coves that have a creek you may catch a glimpse of an alligator. Most of the time, the alligators are content on living in the creeks, and they generally do not venture into the main lake area. Most alligators, tend to stay away from humans, but if you do see an alligator, never approach it. Always enjoy the view from a distance.

Remember that all wild life are just that,wild animals. Enjoy seeing the wild life from a distance. Even the cutest animals can pack a powerful bite.

In the water, you can find birds, and alligator. On your next boat ride, look closely at the shore, you may find a deer, fox, raccoon getting a drink of water. If you watch the water, you may see a turtle coming up for a breath. There are several species of snakes around the lake including water moccasins.