Wild Flowers

Lake Livingston Wild FlowersDuring the spring, your drive to Lake Livingston can be very pretty. Along the roadsides, you can see bluebonnets, indian paint-brush, indian blanket, and buttercups. Some of the roadsides around Lake Livingston also have a spectacular display of wildflowers.

Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower. You can view them from March to early May. They appear along many roadsides. The bluebonnet was named due to its resemblence to a bonnet. It grows from 15-24 inches.

Indian Paint Brush bloom from March to May with a peak blooming season in April. Most of the Indian Paint Brush’s growing near Lake Livingston are a bright scarlet.

Indian Blankets bloom from April to July. These flowers are red, orange, and yellow. They were named for the resembalnce to the colors seen in Indian Blankets.

The Buttercup is a light pink flower with a white and yellow center. They bloom from April to June. During past years you can see many Buttercups lining the roads near Lake Livingston.